Barbara Giannetti

Home Cook

Who is Barbara?

I am a divorced women, I am a single mom, I am a home cook, I am 100% Italian,  I am a Health Nut, I am an entraprenuer and owner of a pasta sauce company, and I am new to the blogger world!

The Story of Da Giulia Pasta Sauce

Years ago when I was a working new mom, I struggled with getting home and getting dinner on the table at a decent hour, not to mention a healthy and tasty dinner. One night after running into grocery store and grabbing ingredients to make a homemade sauce, my eyes spotted the bottled sauces while going down pasta aisle. As I looked longingly at the bottles of red goodness,

I had a flash of myself strolling in the house, pouring the sauce in a pan and water in another pan to boil the noodles, and chilling out with my baby, while magic was being performed in the kitchen. You see, Im the daughter of Italian Immigrants and we had pasta everyday when I was growing up, and NEVER was the sauce made from a jar.  I mean, how could it be good?  Nothing is good in the kitchen unless, hours and hours are being spent chopping, slicing, dicing and simmering, right? WRONG!  Guess what, that medium priced sauce was darn good, infact, I added some red pepper flakes and a spot of olive oil and it was better than good.  

It was at that moment that I realized two things:  Its still cooking when using prepared sauces and sauces in jars can be excellent. Shortly after that experience, da Giulia was born.