So I know it appears i make so many soups with da Giulia Tomato Basil as my base, but honestly before this my blog and website I never thought to use a “pasta sauce” as a soup base, and I don’t think most others do, but it just makes so much sense.  Obviously unless Im making  a heavier soup like a STOUP or a chili or even a chowder, I have to ad some kind of broth so the soup isnt so thick, especially if Im adding potatoes, rice or noodles, because those goods absorb liquid.  However, the Tomato Basil alone has so much flavor and good wholesome ingredients, that have been cooked to perfection(boiled at 400 degrees in order to be bottled) that my soups once again dont require much effort- ie chopping, dicing, slicing and of course simmering.

I really want to move into exploring more spring fare for this blog, maybe fresh fish and sea food dishes, some cold side dishes, more crostinis that can be served with salads, but this darn Chicago weather is killing me.  After driving around most of the day working and getting in and out of my car, I was soaked by time I got home.  I knew a warm, creamy soup was in good order.

I didnt have much to work with, but what I had hit the spot.  By the way, I did add broccoli to my cream tomato soup, but none or any vegetable will do.  Asparagus, mushroom, cauliflower etc….Chicken always great or sausage, you get the point.


2 cups da Giulia Tomato Basil

1 cup vegetable broth(chicken or beef fine as well, I just wanted to keep it vegetarian)

1/4 cup cream(milk can do as well, if calorie or fat concsious)

1 cup broccoli  pieces      ( fresh or frozen, if frozen thaw before using)

creme freiche optional

in food processor or blender blend sauce and broth for 40-60 seconds

pour into soup pot with broccoli and cook on medium for 10 minutes

turn up heat to high and add cream stir constantly for 1 minute until cream is mixed in throughly

cook for 5 more minutes and serve

4-6 people