Mid April in Illinois and 40 degrees out means comfort food!  Also means I just didn’t feel like going to the grocery store.  I didn’t have a lot to work with, but managed to come up with one of the best sups i  have ever made.

I had corn, potatoes, and of course I had da Giulia Tomato Basil, so my version of  a Chowder.

I had to make the soup a little more interesting, so I added onion.

1 large white onion chopped

2 tsp olive or canola oil

2 cans corn 14.5 ounce  drained

2 cups da giulia Tomato Basil

4 medium potatoes peeled and diced

in soup pot heat oil on medium/low and add onion, saute for 5 minutes or until onion is glassy

add da Giulia Tomato basil, corn and pototoes

simmer for 40 minutes or until potatoes are soft

serves 8-9