Who would have thought a spinach dish could be so good and so easy to make? I made this recipe on a suggestion that I include more Keto friendly options on my blog.  So because my friend is a big Keto advocate because she has had such success on the Keto plan, she gave many recipe Ideas, I will be sharing.

This is my first attempt and it was impossible to not deliver great results, especially since it consisted of 3 ingredients and all are delicious on their own. Also, since Vodka sauce is integral to the recipe, since it contains the high fat content Keto diet requires, I suspect many vegetables can work in place of spinach.

This can be served with a chicken breast or piece of salmon.  I love vegetables, so I just had it alone. Also, I used fresh spinach, because I had it, Im a big fan of frozen vegetables, especially spinach.  Frozen spinach has 4 times the amount of fiber fresh spinach as, and also because it is picked right at the peak of ripening and frozen right away, most nutrients are locked in.  Fresh spinach, like many fresh vegetables, are picked before they are ripe and then can be  placed on trucks for up to weeks to be transported and can lose so many nutrients in the process.

10 minute recipe, here it is:

8 cups fresh spinach or 1 lb frozen chopped spinach thawed

1 tablespoon olive or canola oil

1 cup da Giulia Vodka Sauce

salt and pepper taste

In medium size pan on medium, heat oil for 30 seconds

add fresh or thawed spinach saute for 10 minutes until spinach almost fully wilted and add salt and pepper

add da Giulia Vodka Sauce mixing until all spinach is coated with sauce

serve 4 generous or 6 side servings