So what would you say about a pasta that actually is missing the pasta? Ye Ha!! No carbs, no gluten, Paleo friendly!!  What else?  Packed with tons of fiber and nutrients, oh and cooks in a 2 minutes and is so pretty to look at.  Id say, I’m in love with my spiralizer!   I gave  a spiralizer as a secret santa gift a few years ago, and because it was one of those secret santa games that you can trade for a different gift, I traded to get it back, best gift I ever gave myself for secret santa.

Seriously, I have spirilized zucchini green and yellow(obviously), but also carrots in all their different colors, squash, cucumber and beets.  So much fun and with da Giulia, such a complete, easy and tasty meal.

This recipe was ready in 15 minutes, because it was pretty basic, watch for my recipes in next few weeks and they will be just a tiny bit more involved, not too too crazy with ingredients and steps, just a few more.


3 medium zucchini

3 medium carrots(I had an orange, yellow and purple)

2 cups da Giulia Marinara or Arrabbiata

2 tsp olive oil

1//3 cup shredded parm cheese optional

If you have a sprializer, spiralize zucchini and carrots and if you don’t have one, slice the vegetables thinly with a sharp knife, or a mandolin can work as well.  The spiralizer works best because it is quick and the noodles all come out the same shape, and thickness, not to mention, super pretty, but not necessary.

By the way, I purchased my spiralizer at Bed Bath and Beyond and it was $12.00, and it was a pretty good $12.00 spent

Heat olive oil in medium , toss in zucchini and carrots and saute tossing gently with tongs for two minutes

Add da Giulia sauce and coat noodles evenly with sauce.

top with cheese(optional)