Growing up in my Italian household, I suspect I had homemade Gnocchi more than most non Italians, however, that said, we still didn’t dine on it very often.  I want to say maybe 3-4 times a year.  When we did though, it was a big treat.  I still can remember the long prodction for my mom and or my grandmother.  Sometimes they would make them together, and sometimes separately.  I also pitched in and lent a hand in cutting and forking them.   Thank goodness that was my only responsibility,well other than eating them!

Years later I did learn how to make the little pillows of goodness, but I soon understood why Italians say don’t make Gnocchi when you are having a lot of guests.  Apparently,the water in the potato and the moisture in the air at any given time, depending on the temperature, can change the texture of the gnocchi, and disaster can ensue.    Too much moisture will make necessary the addition of more flour, however flour can make the Gnocchi super dry or worse, gummy.. I, unfortunately, had an experience just like that scenerio when I was a newlywed and had my in laws over for dinner.   I wanted to impress them and be adventurous and wow them with my gnocchi making skill.  The dough was so wet when I mixed it together with potato and egg and almost unworkable, so I had to keep adding flour and more flour and more flour.  Thank goodness, I had an excellent bottled sauce to top the uber dry Gnocchi and give them some life.

After that experience I never made gnocchi from scratch.  I reserved that for other people, but what I did do, was be open to store bought gnocchi.  Im a snob, so I only use one brand, Mama Emmas Master Gnocchi.  They are imported from Italy and made with  100% real potato.  There is nothing like them on market.  They cook in 3 minutes, they keep their firmness on outside and softness on inside.

While Im on topic of using premade Gnocchi, and obviously premade sauce, da Giulia! Im also a fan of premade Basil Pesto.  There are a bunch of excellent pestos on the market.  In the summer, I will make Pesto every week with basil from my garden. However, in off seasons, I will use store bought pesto.  For this dish, I use Alessi and it was excellent.

So, heres the deal with this recipe, I incorporated 3 store baught items and added some parm cheese, which is optional.  The meal was ready in less than 10 minutes.  Sausage, chicken, ground turkey, mushrooms, spinach etc…could be added.

Serves 2

8 ounces prepared Gnocchi

2 tablespoons prepared basil pesto

1/4 cup da Giulia Tomato Basil

parmesan grated cheese

Prepare gnocchi according to instruction

heat pesto in microwave for 30 seconds

mix well

Toss gnocchi and pesto in a bowl, coating gnocchi thoroughly with pesto

heat da Giulia Tomato Basil in small bowl in microwave

toss in  with gnocchi and pesto

sprinkle with cheese


Calories 131  Weight Watcher Freestyle Points 5