So when I want to serve a meal that is rather indulgent and elegant, but super easy to make, I reach for the best pasta known to mankind(and women and children)  its Caponi pasta and its an egg pasta imported from Italy, and quite simply it taste completely homemade.  I can say that, because I am really Italian an have been lucky to have grown up enjoying pasta.

uovo, which means homemade pasta- exact translation, pasta made with eggs my entire life.
Now that I discovered Caponi Pasta, I will never make pasta from scratch again.

Tonight I decided to cut the creaminess of the da Giulia Vodka Sauce with da Giulia Arrabbiata and it was a huge hit with my family.  Seconds were had by many.

A recipe cant get easier than this:
1 lb pasta of your choice
1 1/4 cup da Giulia Vodka Sauce
1 cup da Giulia Arrabbiata
cook pasta according to instruction
heat sauces together in a sauce pan
drain pasta when done boiling
top with sauce
sprinkle with cheese and or fresh basil